Life Choice Categories

For hundreds of years, brilliant people asked the most successful people how they achieved so much and stayed happy. The answers bear remarkable consistency over many decades to paying attention to the following categories. To be successful in life requires making good choices in each category. To be really successful requires better life choices over time. Pay attention to each one and you will have a successful life.

I adapted the list over twenty years, working from the personal mentoring of Lewis Timberlake. You will find similar lists in the works of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, John Maxwell, and Brad Smart among many others. The Bible is loaded with help in every category.

  1. Advancing Career. You spend a lot of time here; are you moving forward? If you’re retired, your new career is to leave a legacy; what legacy are you leaving? If you’re a student, school is your job.
  2. Boosting Wellness. Mental and physical wellness affects every other area almost as much as spirituality
  3. Inspiring Spirituality. Some people are bored with church and God. I’d say they do not know Him very well, and they need a new church! God makes a positive impact on everything He touches. Has he touched you? If so, your spirituality will inspire every other category and the people around you.
  4. Delighting Relationships. Want friends? Be a friend. Want your family to be happier and nicer? Delight them.
  5. Accumulating Wealth. Spend less and make more, sure. But what are you doing to accumulate wealth that lasts?
  6. Giving Back. Many people in this world will thrive once they get a hand up. You can offer them a hand.
  7. Go Play! Recreation, hobbies, and thinking about new ways to solve old problems involve play. The mind untangles spectacular problems when given a shane to work from the right side occasionally.

Rank your life in each category, from 1 (meaning you think you suck at that one) to 10 (meaning you cannot get any better).

Which one–just one–do you think and want to improve?

What can you do next to improve that one area?


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