Drummer needed for new, hip church…

One of my former students wrote to tell me several things. Some good, some not so good–this is life, right? But one of them stopped me. He wrote, “I still need a drummer [for my church].”

In responding, I hope I was not too harsh. I told him that no, he does not need a drummer–and it’s none of your business who “him” is, so stop trying to guess.

None of you hip dudes need a drummer, ax master, sound man, or sultry singer for your church. You’re not putting together a band, but many of us who plant (me included) seem to forget this stuff. We think that we have to be uber cool or no one will come to our gatherings. That’s true is you’re starting a restaurant or night club. To start a church, you walk with Jesus, do what he says, act like he acts, and he gathers the people through you.

There is not one smidge of evidence in the New Testament that a drummer is required or even particularly desired for a church! A church craves disciples. It needs people who want to know Jesus. A church needs broken, hurting, needy, uncool, self-conscience, unconfident, addicted, divorced, shot-through-the-heart, painful, messy, questioning, longing, lonely, knot heads like…me.

So, stop that stinky “I need (blah blah blah) to get it done” thinking. It sounds like the kind of “this is mine” thinking that Jesus hated. It leads to all sorts of problems, phobias, and stress. Stress is usually at the core of burnout, failure, marriage problems, money problems, and addictions. To be honest, it does not reflect well on Jesus when his disciples run about all stressed out, wringing their hands, telling the world “if I only had…” then immediately following it with “you should act like me!” Why would anyone want THAT life? That’s no life at all. 

People crave peace, love, and happiness. They write songs to peace, love, and happiness. Jesus came to offer us his…peace, love, and joy.

The church belongs to Jesus. Let him find a drummer, or not. Love ya, mean it…


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One Response to Drummer needed for new, hip church…

  1. Tom Allison says:

    Excellent. I’ve seen churches chase the model instead of the Maker and lose out on the blessings. The end result was a nice show that compromised what God was trying to do and He wanted nothing to do with it. Jack, I also have seen you stick to pursuing God and watch his blessings flow. It was an example that built faith. Thanks for the Godly leadership.
    His wisdom makes no sense in this world but succeeds despite that.

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